Ohne Warum



Maire's work investigates continental philosophy and can be seen as an ongoing endeavor to give concrete shape to theory. Like an amateur anthropologist, using his crudely hand-engineered tools of measurement he explores the physical world as a Quixotic metaphor for contemporary philosophy. For his show at Croy Nielsen he continues this analysis through video, sculptures, and photographs. In a meta-documented performance displayed on a computer, Maire attempts to understand a relationship with the sun, some shadows, the course of a bird, a few clouds and the sand in an arena. The show also comprises a constructivist sculpture, a photograph showcasing "Alex" as a dilettante paleontologist approaching a glass bulb near the sea, a makeshift solar diorama hanging from the ceiling, and other artifacts placed in the gallery. Each work is connected with one another as evidence of Maire's alchemic attempt to materialize postmodern theory.